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Racing Dirt Bikes

So you want to start racing dirt bikes? Who can blame you; dirt bike racing is an increasingly popular choice for many thrill seekers. It’s true that in the wrong hands racing dirt bikes can be incredibly dangerous but with a little care and attention and some experience there is no reason why you can’t have the adrenalin fuelled excitement while considerably minimising the risks many people associate with the sport. Racing dirt bikes is a popular pastime with people of all age, many grand........ Read More

Dirt Bikes. Speed In The Dirt

There are various dirt bike competitions like Motocross and various trial events where variants of a large number of dirt bikes compete with each other. An interesting fact to note is that dirt bikes have no number plates. Every year the US Department of Motor Vehicles issues green stickers especially for dirt bikes. Another important fact to take care of is that dirt bikes are not allowed on city streets as they are only allowed to be ridden on off-road tracks. Different Types of Dirt Bi........ Read More

Dirt Bikes Which Are Believed Sound For The Environment

Both of these are fairly simple to accomplish, depending upon whether you are paying attention or not, when you ride dirt bikes. Following a few themes in the heat of the instant, however, will land you safely without scares happening anywhere along the trail or in your mind. Go with a 4 stroke dirt bike If you have been considering moving up to a four stroke motor think about the environs and safety as a selling point. When a 2 stroke dirt bike careens up a jump it is prone to explosiv........ Read More

Dirt Bike Parts

Many advocates of dirt biking will tell you that half the fun of dirt biking is buying a slightly clapped out old 250 and doing it up with new and second hand dirt bike parts until you’ve got as much performance and speed out of it as possible. Obviously, the nature of the dirt biking beast is that you will suffer damage to your bike. A Motocross hurtling 30ft in the air and then crashing back down to earth will cause damage to most bikes. The advantage of dirt biking is that the vehicles them........ Read More

What Model Of Dirt Bike Should You Buy

The selection of a dirt bike is never a simple activity but here are some all-important aspects that will help you pick the right bike: Height and weight: Your height as well as weight plays a large role in dirt bike selection. The most critical thing is that one needs to feel comfortable on your bike to be able to drive it across difficult or dirt terrain. The more comfortable you are the better your control on the bike. The important thing is that you should sit on each of the bikes and see........ Read More

Dirt Bike Trails

What are dirt bike trails? While dirt bike racing and motocross is normally done on designated tracks that are set out and predefined, dirt bike trails are the equivalent of free ride. In some areas you can just head off to a decent dirt bike trail and ride how you want and where you want. Obviously there are usually some pretty basic rules to try and encourage safe riding and lower the risks of dangerous accidents but if you see a better route, you can take it. There are many different diffic........ Read More


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Mountain Bikes Exercise Bike Pocket Bike Choosing Bike
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